The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 43

THE MASTER PAINTER AUSTRALIA 043 WHAT’S HOT Intex Giving You the Tools you Need for the Perfect Preparation Intex has always carried a reputation for excellence and utlisation of the finest in German quality. Every painter knows the success or failure of a job comes down to the preparation. The Intex Giraffe Dustless Sander, combined with the Intex Stamix Dust Extractor and the Intex Useit Super Pads are the perfect sanding team and they will give you performance you can rely on. The Starmix is a real leap ahead in dust extraction technology. The German quality of the construction means the product is The secret to flawless durable and provides performance that you can rely on. This model features all the benefits you have come to expect from the surface preparation Starmix, but the GS series has been modified and optimised for fine dust – perfect for working with the Giraffe Sander. safer, cleaner, faster, smarter! scratch free finish every time! The Starmix also features aincreased user safety and productivity and it’s sturdy design means it can be chucked in the back of a ute or van no worries. The Intex Giraffe Dustless Sander provides perfect results on plasterboard walls and ceilings, as well as cement sheet, concrete and timber surfaces. This product is guaranteed to give you the perfect surface to paint on. The ergonomic handle makes it incredibly comfortable to hold on to and the uni ]YH\