The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 42

THE MASTER PAINTER AUSTRALIA 042 April 2016 WHAT’S HOT Tackle weatherboard prep with confidence Gaps between weatherboard joints and overlaps occur over time as a result of movement and the shrinkage and/or swelling associated with natural timber. Most gap fillers aren’t designed for use on weatherboard as they don’t offer the flexibility required to resist weatherboard movement. New Polyfilla Professional W50 Weatherboard Gap Sealant has been formulated with an advanced acrylic based polymer system to help withstand the movement associated with timber and synthetic weatherboards. With up to +/- 25% joint movement capability and superior adhesion to lock out water, you can be confident in a high quality, long lasting finish. The new W50 Weatherboard Gap Sealant is the latest addition to the Polyfilla Professional Original Gaps, S20 and M40 family. The extended Polyfilla Professional range of gap fillers has your gaps well and truly covered. MORE INFORMATION: A New Dust Free Solution for Lead-Based Paint Removal The Nu EcoSafe Strip non-caustic and non-hazardous strippers can strip lead-based paint without contaminating your worksite. The Nu EcoSafe EcoZorb captures the liquid paint waste, meaning you can dispose of the waste safely without your paint drying and creating further hazards. High lead content in paint has long been considered a health hazard. However, traditional paint strippers are also harmful to the environment and to the health and safety of workers. The Nu EcoSafe Strip range protects the environment and workers, making it the perfect option for your job site. The NuEco Safe Strip range is in keeping with new Government regulations, which are forcing everyone to find an alternative to the traditional toxic chemical that have been used for stripping paint in the past. Nutech Paint’s line offers that alternative. The Worksafe & the Surface Coating Industry codes of practice, both dictate that chemical stripping is the preferred removal method. Not only is the product an effective paint-stripper, it is also effective at preventing the burns to the skin and face that were a result of the harmful vapours released by traditional strippers. The absence of these harmful vapours makes the product perfect for working in tight, un-ventilated places. There are 3 types of strippers in Nutech Paint’s line: Architectural Stripper, Industrial Coatings Stripper (Sacrificial remover), and High Performance Stripper. When combined with Nutech Paint’s Nu EcoSafe EcoZorb, these products offer the perfect non-toxic solution for the removal of lead based-paints. MORE INFORMATION: