The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 4

THE MASTER PAINTER AUSTRALIA 004 THE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT: Elton Willis EMAIL: “The federal Master Painters is the national voice for the painting and decorating industry across 6 states.” I speak on behalf of the Board when I say that we are absolutely thrilled to have our federal magazine back up and running after 20 years! I’ve heard the question asked a few times: “Why do we need a federal body? This e-magazine is just the beginning of what is to come from the federal Master Painters Association, with conferences and National Awards for Excellence in the pipeline. The Federal Body is the national voice for the painting and decorating industry across 6 states. If we had no Federal Body we’d lose control of our future and be run by people who either aren’t directly involved with the trade, or groups only interested in filling their own pockets. We believe that the federal Master Painters Association needs to be more involved with our members on a national level, in supplying information, training and support, acknowledging excellence within the trade, and lobbying Government on the issues that really matter to our members. CONTACT (Secretariat) CEO Master Painters Australia Limited PO Box 21, Salisbury, QLD 4107 ACN 082 605 347 PH (07) 3277 8546 FAX (07) 3277 8546 Email Web: ACT Elton Willis (Chairman) VIC/TAS Bob De Groot QLD George Englert SA Noal Mullins NSW George Savvides Managers / CEO’s ACT Jim Rule QLD Rebecca Bellette (Secretariat) VIC/TAS Mark Amos JP SA Natalie Cunningham NSW Therese Lauriola I hope you enjoy this issue of the National Master Painters Magazine and thank you for supporting your trade association. The federal Master Painters Association is a real heavy weight within the industry, and we have not yet tapped into the great potential it holds. The more support we have, the further we can go THE FEDERAL BOARD Directors If we have a strong and successful federal body, the states benefit through additional support, more members, and brand awareness. In turn, each individual member benefits through more work opportunities, education, information, support, and better bus