The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 37

THE MASTER PAINTER AUSTRALIA 037 processes that will apply in the event of a positive result or deemed positive result (i.e. a failure to submit to a test). Principal contractors must also outline in their fitness for work policy how workers who attend for work affected by drugs or alcohol will be counselled and assisted, apart from any disciplinary process that might apply. HOW WILL FWBC MONITOR THE DRUG AND ALCOHOL SCREENING REQUIREMENTS? FWBC will audit a principal contractor’s fitness for work policy to ensure that the minimum standards for drug and alcohol testing are adequately addressed. FWBC will also audit projects to ensure that the drug and alcohol requirements of the fitness for work policy are being implemented. ARE THERE SANCTIONS FOR NONCOMPLIANCE WITH THE DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING REQUIREMENTS? Yes. Where serious breaches occur FWBC report them to the Code Monitoring Group, which in turn may make recommendations to the Minister regarding exclusion sanctions. However in the first instance, FWBC will be educating building industry participants on the requirements and seeking rectification measures where noncompliance is found. WHERE CAN I GET FURTHER INFORMATION? On Friday 18 September 2015, the then Minister for Employment Eric Abetz issued a media release announcing that the government has introduced amendments to the Building Code to improve workplace safety for construction sites. For further information on these amendments please see: •  Media release abetz/ government-building-code-nowrequires-drug-andalcoholtesting-policies-construction-sites The fitness for work policy of the principal contractor must require the use of an objective medical testing method to detect the presence of drugs or alcohol in a worker’s system. • Amendments to the Building Code and the Explanatory Statement F2015L01462 WHERE CAN I GO FOR ADVICE? FWBC has responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Building Code. FWBC will provide advice to assist you to meet the requirements of the Building Code. For further information on the Building Code and what it means for your company: •  Visit FWBC’s website at •  Call the FWBC Hotline on 1800 003 338 •  Email your enquiries to • Visit the Department of Employment’s website at