The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 31

The secret to flawless surface preparation safer, cleaner, faster, smarter! a scratch free finish every time! INTEX DUSTLESS SANDING SOLUTION The famous Intex Useit Jost Superpad abrasives, teamed with Intex Giraffe Sanders, and the Intex Starmix Dust Extractors. The proven choice for thousands of professional finishers all around the globe. A superior finish everytime! JOST Super Pads ® ® JOST Patented Design The Genuine Super Pad Intex Useit Jost Superpads are a high performance abrasive of a new generation, giving you optimal, dust free sanding results - fast & effectively. Thanks to the patented design & its unique abrasive coating, clogging is a thing of the past, attaining new levels of sanding performance. HOW IT WORKS: Dust is extracted through the perforations in a congestion - free flow not only at the sanding plate edges, but over the entire surface. The Superpad cushioning system both eliminates scratches and swirls marks, while sanding & allows fast uniform operation without the need to apply added pressure. ® FOR WALLs & CEILINGS: Even during overhead sanding, dust pollution for users is reduced to a minimum. With the Intex Useit Jost SuperPad the sanding head glides smoothly & easily over walls and ceilings, enabling fatigue free working. HOW TO RECOGNISE THE GENUINE ARTICLE: - Look for the Useit Jost logo on backing & the following patent numbers: US-Patent 5,810, 650 EP-Patent 0 781 629 B1 - Holes punched through the abrasive paper NOT through backing - Unique coating which has holes punched to the edge of the pad rim - Advanced Useit Snake-track Perforation Technology An exclusive pattern to Intex Useit Jost, for superior extraction of dust & longer lasting pads. U s ei t Jost a re re g iste re d tra de m ar k so fI G ex nt pI ro u nt. Exc lu s i ve l y distrib uted in Australia & New Zeal a nd b y In tex G rou pI nt . | PREMIUM WALL & CEILING ACCESSORIES TOOLS & EQUIPMENT JOST dustless sander ® ® super pads ® dust extractors ask for them by name The Intex Giraffe® Sander teamed with the Intex Starmix® Dust Extractor and Intex Useit® Abrasives, impresses Painters, Plasterers and Renovators with its ultimate performance and proven quality. Compatible for use in many industries - both in construction and renovation works - this system is specially designed to provide efficient and flawless finishing results of surfaces in preparation for paint, with the ability to work on an astonishing range of surface applications including plasterboard, cement sheet, concrete and timber. SCAN CODE FOR MORE INFO DID YOU KNOW Over 60% of the international market for the Intex Giraffe® Sander is to the painting trade. BUILDING EXCELLENCE Tel: 1300 107 108 PREMIUM WALL & CEILING ACCESSORIES, TOOLS & EQUIPMENT