The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 12

THE MASTER PAINTER AUSTRALIA 012 STATE REPORTS Australian Capital Territory Greetings from the Nation’s Capital! booked in for this year for our ACT members. There’s been a renewed interest in the ACT Master Painters Association within the last year or so, and with this we’ve had quite a few new members join of late. All MPA members throughout Australia need to remember though, that for any event to be successful we need to have people support the event by attending. I was saying to someone recently that every time I go to an MPA event, I always come away with a little gem. Whether it is from the speaker, or talking to fellow tradesmen after the event, there is always something to learn. Those members that don’t come to our events are really missing out! I think with consumers slowly becoming aware of the Association and their desire for a quality job, we are gaining a bit of momentum. We’ve been running our Awards for Excellence for the past 3 years and they’ve been a great success. Our members are now being formally recognised for their quality work which is fantastic. Our recent Awards for Excellence was a great night, with the most nominations for Apprentices we’ve had! These nights are also a great opportunity to catch up with fellow tradesmen on a social level and have a laugh. I really encourage everyone to come to these nights in their respective states. Not only for the awards, but also for supporting the industry in general. We want to lift the profile of our trade, and the Awards for Excellence is a great way to do this! We’ve already got some great members information nights, before golf day, and of course, the 2016 Awards for Excellence We have to remember that painting isn’t our hobby, it’s our livelihood and puts food on our families table and pays the bills. Is that worth protecting? I think so. The more you can learn about the trade, have better business practices and network, the more successful your business will be. Your State Master Painters Association can help you along the way. Support you local Master Painters Association! ELTON WILLIS President of ACT Victoria/Tasmania It gives me great pleasure to present this report on behalf of our members in Victoria and Tasmania. Master Painters Australia Victoria Tasmania was formed over 100 years ago by a group of painters that identified the need for our industry to provide well trained and qualified painters and decorators. Over the years Victoria /Tasmania has been a driving force in helping to bring about reform in the painting and decorating industry and is still very active in the development and training of young workers liaising with training organisations within the two states. The association has always been strongly supported by paint and product manufacturers and this support continues today. In conjunction with other Master Painter Australia states we are the peak industry body for the painting and decorating industry providing quality service and advice to the building industry and consumers. As an industry we have concerns that the quality of training that is being provided in some sectors will create an increase in numbers but will not reflect the quality required by consumers and industry. It is also pleasing that the governments are redirecting funding to established training providers but more support and encouragement must be made to support the future leaders in the finishing trade industry. Painters and consumers are supported by paint manufacturers by supplying high quality paint products and accessories. Increased demands on small business are forcing trades people to seek support to help them run their business. Consumers are becoming more demanding about quality and are increasingly likely to make a choice based on referrals, either privately or through recognised authorities. They seek value for money, not necessarily the cheapest quote. Association members are offered a range of services to support them in their business enterprise. The management and staff of Victoria and Tasmania have a range of services and benefits for both members and consumers which are all provided in house. In 2007 we launched the first Industry Standard for the Surface Coating Industry in both Victoria and Tasmania. Both launches were attended by the relevant state ministers who supported the Industry Standard. Due to the popularity of the Industry Standard within the construction industry, it was updated to comply with National WHS laws and reprinted in 2015. This standard was developed by associated industry representatives who identified the need for an Industry Standard. We also helped develop an online SWMS tool for painters which is the only one of its kind in Australia. Master Painters Australia has also been a part of the working group developing a new waste paint collection scheme which will be launched in May 2016. The MPA is dedicated to educating the public that engaging an MPA member is a sure way of getting a fair deal when you require your property painted. BOB DE GROOT President of Victoria/Tasmania