The Mark Wine News Winter '18 Volume 8.1 - Page 14

After the tasting at Contino provided us while drinking more Vega Sicilia. It was a day I am sure none of us will forget. Bodegas. Simply unforgettable. Thursday and Friday were spent in Jerez. After a high speed train trip on Thursday morning we met our hosts at Lustau, learning all aspects of Sherry production and also visiting a barrel cooperage up close and personal, learning all steps in the production of high end sherry and whiskey barrels. On Thursday evening the group was treated to the most incredible meal and Flamenco entertainment within Lustau’s The trip was about six days long but we packed so much it almost felt like we had been there for at least a couple of weeks. As I mentioned at the beginning this was a very special group of campers, everyone rallied time and time again and made the trip almost effortless. There was no rest for the weary, but at the end, I did not hear any complaints and everyone said if they had a choice to change anything, they would have changed nothing. Only one last thing to say about this trip – Viva La España!! Looking forward to more Spanish adventures in 2018!! Enjoying the tour at CVNE Lustau Jerez, The Final Frontier... 12 THE MARK WINE NEWS