The Mark Wine News Winter '18 Volume 8.1 - Page 10

Cuddon Godfrey’s Road Vineyard lot, we’ve learned a lot, and we are still learning and experimenting with our vineyards and the sub-regions of Marlborough.” And there is also that raw, unbridled beauty I hear about from everyone who has traveled to New Zealand. They all talk about how vast it is with such little development and so few people. And Theo agrees with all the talk. “The breathtaking scenic beauty of the landscape is positively stunning, he adds, absolutely beautiful! The West Coast with its rugged, cold rainforest for hundreds of kilometers and then in contrast, the surrounding sea and up to 3700 meters high (more than 12,000 feet) of Southern Alps. It’s dramatic indeed.” Living abroad all these years has been amazing for all three brothers, but there are always a few things from your childhood that you can’t help but reminisce about. “Old school friends,” Theo admits is one of his. “I recently attended a 40th reunion and barely recognized anyone.” And there is one other thing he misses too. “The occasional liver dumpling. However, once you have had 4 or 5 of them,” he adds, “you’ve eaten enough for another year or two!” He does get to do just that every few years. “I travel back to Europe many times a year, he says, “mostly for business as we export 97% of our production and we have distribution in over 35 countries; Norway to Malta, Kiev to France. 8 We attend all the main wine trade fairs like Vinexpo, Prowein, L ۙۋ][ܚ˸'H[H\[ۘ[B]X\Y]ۈ[\X[H܈ۙHقH]\[\[˂[[\۸&][[[^X\XZ[[H܂][[Hܛ[[] [H[[Z[H[[H[H][[\Z[][[[Y\[\]YHX[ˈ8'[ [[H[]وXK8'HBYˈx&[H[[]8&\Z[H[Hܛ8&\[[\[]Y[X\˂Y\[[\܂HPTSHU