The Mark Wine News The Mark Wine News - 10th Anniversary Issue - Page 18

“ADAPTATION” I have to admit, the first time I met Katherine Wojcik, If you’ve ever stayed at a Kimpton, you know exactly Director of Beverage Programs for Kimpton Hotels & what she is talking about. I am a huge fan of their Restaurants, I was immediately taken with her voice. properties and their wine and drinks menu. Our date She has one of those voices that is strong and raspy night hotel is the newish Hotel Van Zandt near Rainey and commanding, kind of like a Broadway star. When Street in downtown Austin. I enjoyed a few glasses of I learned that her aspiration the Sokol Blosser Rosé during growing up was to be a famous our last visit. And I am super actress and singer, it all made excited to experience Hotel sense. “My mother is a music Monaco in Seattle when we teacher and singer,” she says, head there for The Mark Wine “and for a while I wanted to be Camp. “From day to day it is a famous actress. I went to a ever changing,” says Wojcik, performing arts high school for of the culture and daily life at theatre, music and art.” That Kimpton. “I love to work with was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the many groups of people, where she grew up. “We from training employees to didn’t have cows but we did ideating with marketing or spend summers in the woods sales teams to working with Katherine Wojcik, Dir. of Beverage at summer camp.” Wojcik’s our beverage partners, there father was in the retail business is never any monotony. I love until he switched gears later in life when he ran a to strategize long term direction and see it come to little resort in the mountains. Wojcik also switched fruition.” gears, in college. “I went to the University of Nevada Las Vegas for Hotel Management.” That’s when she One of the wine trends that Wojcik is a big fan of; realized she didn’t need to head to Hollywood or wine kegs. “I love them. On the taste side, I think Broadway. “I just wanted to own a really amazing they are fabulous for cri ]\[\Y][\\X[\[HZH]H['B\HYX[܈[[Y]^K\H\HX[B[\][Y]HZ[[HK[B[\ۈ[ܛ\Y[][H]H\[[^H[HK]HY[][HݙHۋB[HژZ\۸&]Y]܋H\]HHق\[H܈YH[X[ۜˈH]H[œ^H[H]][HۙH܈H[]^HX[H\\[H[H[^\Z[™ܛ\\[\]\[ˈ8'[\ۈ[[ܙYXB[ڙX܈[][KHX[B[\\[]H[&][[H]\][[]B\Y[ۙH[\H\K\[H\B]^H\Xܙ]H]\Y\[[[H\[K\\HڙX 'B\[HH]HܚY] H[\[]\X[\][ۙ\\وYX[\Y\^\Y[\•ژZ\[HY[و[\[ݙ[Y[[B[[\ۈ][ۈ]H[[\]\[][[\N[[\ˈ8'YZ[[\X܈Hܚ\\Y][][&]H]Y [\\و\]H[\Y8'HH^\Hܚ\X\\B[\K'B܈X[H\[\]Y]H[H›^H\][Hܝ[[[و[YKH[[[MBHPTSHU