The Mark Wine News The Mark Wine News - 10th Anniversary Issue - Page 15

When did you get interested in wine? AK: I got interested in wine as a server. Since I didn’t have your typical teenage experiences with Zima or Boone’s Farm, it was all so new to me. My first wine was Sonoma-Cutrer and obviously I couldn’t go back. When I started drinking beer, it was Chimay. go down the Sardinia rabbit hole. I try and lead them in a better direction. We have a call every month and a different member of the study group leads the call. They do all the heavy lifting so I study along with them. Eventually, I will go back and pursue more advance levels, but for now I am really about the training and continuing to develop a strong wine culture at Maggiano’s. MWG: You’ve really embraced wine education and training. AK: Ever since I had my first taste, I have been a lover MWG: We would love to hear more about the wine of wine. When we went to Napa and Spain, we were education and wine program at Maggiano’s very well taken care of and people kept asking me if I AK: The biggest gap in knowledge is always beverage, was going to get certified and it started me thinking, specifically wine. The biggest area of check growth but it also seemed kind of is in beverage and wine. hard. I thought that if I can MWG: What