The Mark Wine News The Mark Wine News - 10th Anniversary Issue - Page 12

“The Barn” at Upchurch in Red Mountain the current vintage of Viognier. And then the magic happened. Upon request (from me) he popped open a few older vintages of the K Vintner’s Viognier. The 2007 (my personal favorite) and the 2008, which wasn’t far behind, but very different in style and develpment. After tasting a few more wines, including the Rosé, we headed to his private cellar underneath his house to select wines to accompany our lunch of fresh Chanterelles salad and Sicilian Swordfish pasta. Not a drop of food or wine remained on anyone’s plate or in anyone’s glass. From there we headed several miles down the road to Long Shadows where head winemaker Gilles Nicault was waiting for us with the entire portfolio of Long Shadows wines. As you may know, Gilles works with several different winemakers including Phillipe Melka, Enjoying the culinary creations of Chris and Thea Upchurch at “The Barn” on Red Mountain. Selecting our wines in Charles’ cellar for our lunch of Chanterelles Salad and Sicilian Style Swordfish Pasta The magnificent view from the private upstairs deck of Upchurch Winery 10 THE MARK WINE NEWS