The Mark Wine News Summer '18 Volume 8.3 - Page 8

u n c o r k e d Five Diamonds PAUL FIALA VICE PRESIDENT FOOD & BEVERAGE FOUR SEASONS HOTELS & RESORTS When Paul Fiala was growing up he had real experts to help him with his math and science homework. “My dad was a molecular biologist. He was a cancer researcher. Super intelligent,” says Fiala. And his mom was no slacker. “My mom was a clinical researcher.” I wondered with both of them in the medical field, how he got away from it. “It was great growing up. If I ever had a question on science or math, they were there, but it wasn’t really my thing.” However, when it came to meeting their spouses; like father like son. “My parents met at Rutgers. My dad had just started his graduate work and my mom was an undergraduate.” His dad went on to receive his PhD from Columbia. “I met my wife Katie in an architecture class in High School.