The Mark Wine News Summer '18 Volume 8.3 - Page 4

e 2 CHAMPAGNE HENRIOT ADDS SPARKLE H enriot USA has appointed The Mark Wine Group to handle its Champagne business with On Premise National Accounts. The move happens at a time when MWG’s Sparkling portfolio gains strength through its long term partnership with Mionetto USA, and joins Mionetto’s Alfred Gratien as the other Champagne brand within the portfolio. “The Mark Wine Group has a strong reputation and track record in the On-Premise National Accounts arena” says Andy Glaser, President and CEO of Maisons & Domaines Henriot. “With Champagne Henriot our major priority, we wanted a partner who could help us reach the top hotel and restaurant group buyers and secure new growth. We are excited to continue to build our flagship brand in this new channel with a top player in The Mark Wine Group”. The “Insider’s Champagne” - Henriot has been family owned since 1808, and is one of the Grand Marques of Champagne. Their portfolio of Champagne, produced two-thirds from Premier and Grand Cru vineyards is led by the ever popular Brut Souverain, in addition to the Blanc de Blancs and Brut Rosé Champagnes. Henriot Brut Souverain was voted #11 Most Popular By-The- Glass in the 2018 Wine & Spirits Restaurant Poll. S aké O ne F ounded in 1992, and America’s first craft Saké producer, SakéOne has joined forces by appointing The Mark Wine Group to handle its On Premise National Account business. The addition bolsters MWG’s portfolio in a previously untapped category of business. “The Mark Wine Group’s established relationships, disciplined sales approach and commitment to education align perfectly with our goal of educating trade and consumers about the virtues of premium saké” explains SakéOne President, Steve Vuylsteke. “We are honored to have our premium saké portfolio join the impressive group of brands represented by The Mark Wine Group and anticipate a bright future resulting from our partnership with this highly regarded organization.” The hallmark of Henriot’s production is a precise, complex and distinctive style – a luminous expression of the best chardonnay terroirs, driven by higher proportion of chardonnay but also longer aging on lees and higher proportion of reserve wines. “Champagne Henriot, with it’s storied history, and their eight generations of family ownership, fits perfectly into our portfolio, our “family of families,” says Mark Gmur, President of The Mark Wine Group. “We are humbled, and also very honored to have been given this new opportunity by Henriot, and see tremendous potential for Henriot and the Champagne category within the On Premise National Account channel.” SakéOne’s Oregon Craft selections are headlined by brands Momokawa and G Saké, both brewed out of their Forest Grove, Portland brewery, stationed there to take advantage of the natural abounds of Oregons pristine water, water ebbing one of the most import @w&VFVG2rW6VVB6:FFF6:R2'FW&VBvFWG7W'RFRv&N( 27@V"6:'&BB26VV7Fb&Vv'B6:2v66VFR7V֒G7W'R&W&f֖ǒB6vv( 6:R2W"WrW6W6fR6:&GV6W"@'FW"fG2W&fV7FǒFW"v&'FfƖbf֖ǐvVBvW&W2Br'&WvW&W2( 62&vW"&W6FVBbFR&vRw&W( vR&RFVWǐ&VBFfR&VVFVB'6:RBG'VǐW6FVB&WBVW&rFR6:6FVv'f"&V֗6RF66VG2vF6:RF&VvF0'FW'6( ХDR$tRUu