The Mark Wine News Summer '18 Volume 8.3 - Page 17

with several different AVA’s. I wondered if Tsegeletos had ever had an opportunity to make wine in other regions or countries. “I’ve held a winemaking position where I traveled up and down the state of California and worked with dozens of growers and over twenty wineries, but I have never made wine in other parts of the world,” he says, but he does like to travel. “Love to travel. Before I was married I would take a month off a year and visit another part of the world. My wife and I just went to the Florida Keys for the first time and got to hold a baby alligator. They are soft.” I have to admit, I kind of want to pet a baby alligator now. So of course , that made me wonder what kind of things Tsegeletos likes to do these days, other than make wine. “Skiing, mountain biking (leaving right now to meet some riding buddies), motorcycling (road and dirt) and free diving on our north coast. Hiking with the family (yearly trip to Yosemite) is big too” And speaking of the family. “My wife Nancy is a wonderful cook and fellow adventurer. I have a 21 year old daughter who is a unique combination of beautiful (Sonoma Raceway Girl), Athletic (National deadlift record holder) and hard working (soon to be a utility company lineman) and a 33 year old step-son who enjoys blowing things up (pyrotechnics and sound engineer) in New Orleans.” Of course I wanted to know a little more about his wife and their life. “On one of the first dates with my wife we went to a New Year’s Eve party on the Northern California Coast, won the big drawing for a kayak adventure and had a magical time.” And what about a favorite getaway? “Our yearly trip to Yosemite is great but even a short trip to a nice Thai restaurant is wonderful.” And that feeds into his favorite food and wine pairings, “Thai food and a crisp Sauvignon The Iconic Cline Cellars House blanc or a nicely grilled New York strip and a bottle our Cline Ancient Vine Zinfandel.” How about Nirvana? “An exciting and exhausting single-track mountain bike ride followed by a shower and fabulous meal shared with my wife.” And on the proverbial desert island? “That’s tough one, but a Graham’s 20 year old Port, because it could be drunk a little at a time, The Big Book of Guitar, a bag of salt, because I am going to catch fish and animals, and a guitar because how am I going to play a CD?!“ But back to winemaking and everything else wine. “Mourvedre is a great grape. The wine tastes like chocolate and cherries, the vines provide good yields and they ripen well where we grow it. Also minimal rot or mildew so what’s not to like?” Wine closures? “Screw caps for white (very convenient) and corks for red (old-fashioned sensibilities).” And most important, what’s new at Cline Cellars. “We’ve been making Teroldego for a couple of years now and that grape makes delicious and rich wine. The grape is from Northern Italy but you should find a bottle. We also make a couple of blended wines we call Farmhouse Red and Farmhouse White. The Red is a great blend of Zin, Syrah and Carignan and the white is a blend of Muscat, Pinot Gris and Palomino. Our Palomino vineyard is a 75 year-old survivor that didn’t get converted to Chardonnay and produces a very nice white wine.” Cline’s Sonoma Coast Vineyards SUMMER 2018 Ooh. I am kinda digging the Palomino story. I will have to open a bottle of the Farmhouse White while I am chilling on vacation next week. Chin Chin. Or better yet, Yassou. 15