The Mark Wine News Summer '18 Volume 8.3 - Page 12

AN ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE, BIODYNAMIC, ECO-FRIENDLY REFUGE Wild turkeys roaming the vineyards Rescued Raptor Sheep in the estate’s 40 Hand-picked acres of Oak Woodlands Biodynamic grapes begun the process of producing our preparations onsite which we are confident will further enhance the trends we are seeing in the vineyard and the winery,” confides Johnson. I was interested to learn Oregon is actually home to 30% of the country’s biodynamic vineyards and that King Estate is the largest certified biodynamic vineyard in North America. Quite the feat. “The wines from our Estate vineyard, our Domaine wines, are now certified “made with” Biodynamic grapes and sport the Demeter logo on the back label,” adds Johnson. In fact, King Estate is now making 8 certified Biodynamic wines from the estate property and the winery was also honored to be a platinum sponsor Healthy composted soil for the first ever at the International Biodynamic Wine Symposium in San Francisco earlier this year. However their commitment to the environment does not end there. In fact, it’s just the beginning. “We work with the environment, rather than against it,” says owner Ed King, co-founder and CEO of King Estate Winery. “Our soil health is critical to our wine’s health. We fertilize by means of a massive composting system that produces 1,000 tons of compost a year,” he adds. They are also something of a rescue center. “We are a Cascade Raptor Center,” he says, “in addition to our native wild raptors, King Estate is a partner release site for the Cascade Group, which works to rescue and rehabilitate birds. Our large property and highly diverse habitats are the perfect place for birds to regain their strength.” King Estate is also home to a remnant of the Native Wet Prairie, where the beautiful Camas Lily thrives. And the winery is also a big believer in the sun. “Our four acres of solar panels will help eliminate more than 38 million pounds of carbon dioxide over the next 25 years – equivalent to 1.9 million gallons of gasoline. By helping naturally power King Estate production, more energy goes directly into the quality of our wine.” Ed King, Founder of King Estate 10 Wondering what’s new on the horizon? Well, King Estate will produce two new wines under their Willamette Valley tier this year: Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé of Pinot Noir. “They will be available in limited quantities right now,” says Johnson, “but the potential for growth is huge,” he adds. No doubt the popularity of Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc are fueling that fire. But of course nothing stands in the way of quality. “The King family pursues every step to make sure wine quality is of upmost importance,” says Johnson, “and we are making some significant improvements to our cellar this year.” The winery is THE MARK WINE NEWS