The Mark Wine News Summer '18 Volume 8.3 - Page 11

THE KINGS OF PINOT KING ESTATE S ituated at the tip of the Willamette Valley, just southwest of Eugene, Oregon, is where the story begins. It was back in 1990 that Ed King discovered a parcel of land with rich soil for growing hay to feed local horse and cattle farms. By 1994, more than 100-acres were planted to create the most clonally diverse soil and climate-matched vineyard ever grown in Oregon. When King Estate Winery was established in 1991, it staked its future on three pillars: Stewardship. Family. Tradition. Those pillars have stood the test of time and provide a solid and true foundation for the winery that today produces some of Oregon’s most recognizable and best-loved wines. Co- founders Ed King III and his father, the late Ed King, Jr., had a vision for the 600-acre parcel of land they discovered in the southern Willamette Valley was used to grow hay and pasture cattle; to grow and produce healthy, happy and much loved wines. Over the years that original parcel has evolved SUMMER 2018 into one of Oregon’s most recognizable and iconic vineyards with 1,033 acres on the certified Biodynamic® estate. And now three generations of the King family are involved in the family business, continuing the old- world traditions of sustainable agriculture and artisan winemaking. Today the original mission still stands; Stewardship. Family. Tradition. And King Estate remains the “king of pinot.” They are also committed to sustainable agricultural practices; they were certified organic in 2002 and in 2016, they received their certification as a biodynamic farm. “We’re now in our third growing season of being certified Biodynamic,” says Ryan Johnson, Director of Marketing for King Estate Winery. “We are seeing our efforts in the vineyard flourish. We’ve also seen a reduction in disease pressure, particularly mildew,” he adds. There has also been a reduction in late season moisture stress which helps the vines make it to the finish line; the obvious desired result. “We are excited to say that we have 9