The Mark Wine News Spring '18 Volume 8.2 - Page 7

u n c o r k e d hasn’t waned. “I am very into health and fitness; Yoga, Orange Theory Fitness, Spinning and Running. “ Her hobbies don’t stop there. “I love sporting events. I love anything Michigan State thanks to my BF. Ve gas Golden Knights, Chicago Bears and LA Dodgers.” There is that California Chicago thing again. Another hobby; “Trying new restaurants,” she adds, even managing to work in some fitness. “Biking along the beach in Southern California with several F&B stops on the way. Or wine tasting in Los Olivos.” A little less physical perhaps, but still R & D. The whole food thing is well, in her blood. “I am Italian from both sides and the fact Mom was a chef, we ate like royalty. All my friends wanted to eat at my house. Of course with that said, nothing made me happier than when Mom was at work late and we got to go to Taco Bell!” Chiletti has two younger brothers; Matt and Andrew. And there was lots of together time on the many adventures (AKA road trips) they took growing up. And no doubt plenty of food. “We had mostly beautiful home cooked meals thanks to mom” Chiletti adds, “but she also loved making us Oscar Mayer Turkey and cheese sandwiches and Bologna and Cheese sandwiches on Wonder Bread. When you bit into the sandwich the bread stuck to the roof of your mouth.” Her favorite childhood memory, not mine. I have tried effortlessly to erase that food memory from my childhood. Her favorite food as a kid; “Shepherd’s Pie. But Mac and Cheese was up there and still is” Chiletti adds. For special occasions; “Cheesecake Factory until age 17.” These days her tastes for an evening out are a bit more specific and refined. “Sitting at the bar at Carbone in Vegas with a Manhattan and then some Daily Grill, Downtown Washington, D.C. SPRING 2018 The Grill on the Alley’s Seared Ahi Tuna “I love connecting with new people in and out of the industry and our company creating an awesome experience for our guests.” -Kaitlyn Chiletti . good wine and food to follow. And then a nightcap at a blackjack table with tequila.” When it comes to that perfect pairing? “Oysters and bubbles for sure. I also love a nice light red (Italian at the moment) with a hearty veggie pasta dish. Yum.” Not surprisingly, this active “go getter” has already crossed off quite a few things from her bucket list. “I rode an elephant in Thailand, skydived in New Zealand, backpacked through Europe, swam with sharks in Costa Rica, visited the Golden Triangle and stayed with Mekong villagers.” After hearing this list, I couldn’t imagine what was left, as I haven’t done any of those things. And her ‘still to-do list’ is just as adventurous. “Hike the Nepal side of Everest (the easy side), visit Machu Picchu, ride camels through India, complete a marathon and get my Cicerone (beer) Certification.” Given what she has already accomplished, I have no doubt the second round of items will be crossed off in no time. Every paycheck is a reminder. “I have labeled my savings account to say ‘my South America fund’ for when I accrue two months vacation.” A great goal for this real American girl. 5