The Mark Wine News Spring '18 Volume 8.2 - Page 6

u n c o r k e d AMERICAN GIRL GRILL CONCEPTS’ K A I T LY N C H I L E T T I K aitlyn Chiletti likes to think of herself as a “California Girl” with a “Midwest Soul.” She was born in Chicago, but mostly raised in the “nice suburban community” of Westlake Village, 30 minutes north of Los Angeles. “I moved back to Chicago, to the heart of the city, where I spent a few years of high school living large and experiencing an “urban experience, but then I graduated back in quaint Westlake.” Like many kids who grow up so close to Hollywood, Chiletti was definitely bitten by the bug. “I wanted to be a big-time director,” she says, about her career dreams growing up. “Or a vet. But what kid doesn’t want to be a vet, right?” Agreed. However, Chiletti took the yellow brick road and pursued her Hollywood dream of being a director and attended film school at Chapman University. “My dad was in the music industry.” But it turned out that her true calling actually fell closer to the maternal tree; in hospitality. “Mom was a chef and F & B Director doing catering and banquets most of her life,” she says. Laurel Point Oyster Shooter 4 Kaitlyn Chiletti As Director of Operations and Beverage for Grill Concepts, Chiletti is definitely living a dream. “I never said no to a party. I’m a pretty social butterfly,” which meshes perfectly with her job. “I love connecting with new people in and out of the industry and our company creating an awesome experience for our guests.” Chiletti has always had an interest in wine and spirits, though growing up, wine took second fiddle to cocktails at home. “Wine was never big in my family; Vodka Martini’s on the other hand…” Her go to cocktail these days; “Anything spirit forward; Manhattan’s or Old Fashioned. I’m a purist, so a nice Tequila or Whiskey on one rock. If I’ve had a rough day, Tito’s Martini with blue cheese olives.” But it’s not all about cocktails. “Who doesn’t love Rosé year round?” says Chiletti, “I am also into softer Italian Reds like Nebbiolo’s from Barolo and Barbaresco and maybe some Montepulciano blends for something a little bigger.” Chiletti is also a purist when it comes to reading. “I love to read physical books. I always have one on my nightstand. Right now I am into mystery, murder and thrillers.” She also really likes to get physical, which started when she was a kid. “I always played sports and opted in for any group sporting activity.” Chiletti’s passion for fitness THE MARK WINE NEWS