The Mark Wine News Spring '18 Volume 8.2 - Page 19

r a i s e a g l a s s MWG: I have magical memories of those cookies. There was a restaurant on Nantucket where we used to roll up the wrapper and light them and they would soar and then descend. It’s so funny because I would never let my kids do that now. I probably wouldn’t do a lot of things my parents did. Of course I do cherish my first taste of wine. Do you remember your first taste of or experience with wine? What got you hooked? CM: I was exposed to wine a little more when I was in high school working at the bed and breakfast. Guests would bring bottles of wine to enjoy and I was always curious about what people liked. I love being able to put a bottle of wine on our list that I know when a guest orders it and tastes it they’re going to say “WOW!” -Chris Morgan MWG: What do people like now? What are you seeing? CM: People are exploring more outside the mainstream grapes and regions. Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are still, by far, the top wines, but as our guests continue to become savvier, we have to give new and exciting wines to try. Whether it’s Sylvaner from Alsace, Petit Verdot from Argentina, or Sagrantino from Umbria, there are so many beautiful wines in the world to try. restaurant experiences? CM: I can’t say that I have a singular experience that I can point to. What I can tell you is that there are memori W2b6W'FFw2g&FffW&VB&W7FW&G0FBfRWfW"f&vGFVFB6VBRFfFR6&VV&W"W&fV7B&R&"g&Ф46&^( 2"7&"Rw&Fg&7&( 2"אG&GV7FFW6fBB&( 26VFtsBfBBFffW&VBvW2vFFffW&V@fBƖRFB7FV"6"'FRv72vFW6fBB6F&VF&RB6"vFF6'WBFRfR6FBV&W2bff&FPtsFBRv2vBFv&FR&WfW&vPGW7G'4ӢvVBFFRVfW'6GbFW2'2V66VvVW&r66'6VvVW&rv2vF&VvVFVBf"RBVFVBWvr&6Fג&G27FƗGtsvN( 2W"ff&FR'BbW"#4ӢfR&Vr&RFWB&GFRbvRW Ɨ7BFBrvVwVW7B&FW'2BBF7FW2@FW( &RvrF6( vr( ФtsBvFW6( BƖR( v~( VB'W@rFRvWBFW&SvF6vW2rFR6FR&vBW2f"6V&S4ӢW"vvFFR6V&RvR&w&2FfRFR&W7BvFRvRƗ7BFR6VG'FW&P&R6f7F'2FBvFV6FV66vPF( BvBvW2vFFV6&WFW7W&R'W@VVBF&6RFBvF6RvW2FBfPR&V6vFf"W"wVW7G2vR6&V6v旦PFB֖V2&RFRf7FW7Bw&vrvR'WpFVw&26VvVB6vR&Rv2rf vW2vF7F&W2B7F'vR6&w&vW0FRvFw&W2FB&RWG6FRFR7G&VЦƖRw'VW"fVFƖW"77'F&V2B'6RखFRVBFRvR2F&RvVFR&6V@BfR7&fV&ƗGf7F"6V&^( 26VfBFvW 5$r#Bvr7&frv72b77'F&vBrFRW&fV7BvRf"גw&VV6BvF6&