The Mark Wine News Spring '18 Volume 8.2 - Page 14

Contents > How To Taste Wine Like a Professional • Understanding The Color of Wine • Grape Skins And How They Affect Wine • Analyzing White Wine • Analyzing Red Wine Part 1 • Analyzing Red Wine Part 2 • How and Why to Swirl Wine in Your Glass • The Art Of Smelling Wine • Techniques For Smelling Wine • Flavors You Find In Wine • How To Taste Wine • Smelling Vs. Taking Wine We believe by elevating your team’s wine education, you will elevate their confidence in wine, and this in turn, will elevate your wine sales. That’s good for everyone. Knowledge is power! MW=E2 The key programs within Elevate, our education platform, are below As part of an ongoing series, we’ll focus on covering the programs in more depth. In the Spring ’18 News we will focus on our newest program called The Mark Wine Guide. >Wine Characteristics Discovering Flavors In Wine • Where Do These Flavors Come From? • Other Fators That Contribute To Wine Flavors • What Is Corked Wine? • How Does Cork Taint Occur? • What are Wine Legs? • Wine Acidity • Is Acidity Important In Wine? Part 1 • Is Acidity Important In Wine? Part 2 • A Guide To Tannins • Nitty, Gritty Of Tannins • What Tannins Add To A Wine • Flavors Oak Aging Imparts On Wine • A Guide to Oaked & Unoaked Wines • Oaked Vs. Unoaked Wine • How Oak Ages Affects Wine 12 THE MARK WINE NEWS