The Mark Wine News Spring '17 Volume 7.2 - Page 9

Sokol Blosser Tasting Room 2013 was like that and I really love that challenge. Every year is a clean slate, and yeah, you’re trying to get to the World Series every time.” And like the “boys of summer”, Oregonians re- ally look forward to the dream season; summer. “We’ve got indoor season and we’ve got outdoor season,” says Alex, “ and unfortunately the in- door season is way longer than the outdoor sea- son. Basically you live the rest of the year just so you can get to summer when it is warm and dry.” That’s when Alex enjoys hikes and runs with his wife. “And I love gardening” he adds. But even with the long and rainy winters, he is there to stay. “I am kind of a stick in the mud. I don’t love change but I do love Oregon and I am not going anywhere.” There is no need to go anywhere. Sokol Blosser is going strong. The winery recently leased a 21- acre organic vineyard in the Dundee Hills. “We have been buying fruit from them for several years,” says Alison, “and even supported them in going for their organic certification.” As for any new wines on the horizon for Sokol Blosser? “We’ll see what Mother Nature brings us and adapt accordingly.” Of course that’s the business side of Alison talking. When she isn’t crunching numbers, keeping up with social media and selling wine, she finds solace in nature. “Walking through the vineyards is very grounding for me. When I’m SPRING 2017 stressed, going for a short walk is quite therapeutic. In fact, sometimes just looking out at the rows of vines helps me. I also always relax and feel like I’m coming home when I turn off the highway and come up our long drive- way amongst the rows of vines.” And that’s a good thing, because as it turns out, she is forbid- den from the holy grail of the winery. “Alex doesn’t let me in the barrel cellar.” If only I had known to ask Alex about that. Next time. Sokol Blosser Tasting Room - Outside 7