The Mark Wine News Spring '17 Volume 7.2 - Page 8

Alex, Susan and Bill Sokol Blosser mutual friend introduced us,” she says. Their favor- ite date activity is going out to dinner, “without the kids,” she says, “it’s a big treat for us.” They also have a four-legged kid. “We have a standard poodle named Twix,” and just like the kids loves being at the vineyard. “However he’s getting old,” adds Alison “and isn’t able to frolic and run through the rows like he used to.” As for hobbies, well… ”I dream about having hobbies,” says Alison, “I think about what it would be like to have a hobby. One day, I shall stamp on the 2012 vintage. “I got my online wine- have a hobby and shall make time to enjoy said making certificate from UC Davis.” hobby. In the meantime, all my time is occupied with work, kids, laundry, and sleep.” Most moms, Having a woman at the helm wasn’t exactly new especially working moms can definitely attest to for Sokol Blosser. “My mom that. ran the winery for years,” Alex is married with two adds Alex, “so it was great kids from a previous mar- pass that baton to Alison.” riage. “Avery and Nikolas And Alison is thriving are 15. One lives with the 24T( ĒF( BF"ЦBRƗfW2vFVG2WfW"7FvfrBЦRB66RN( 2&6V&f6RvWfW"FWF( @6V6( &VǒVpfW"W"6VFW'0r6F6( ФvWfW"rBFVW2vBFF&6V&6( BW7B76pFWfR&Vr67VFV@f7( ĒVB&6V&Bf""FV662&RЦw&vrWB( VvPv&FrFR'W6W72vPFFvW'2f( 'WBWv2vWBFV"&f( Ц7GVǒ2WfVFVWW ( Ğ( '&VBvFF&VP6V7FvFFRvR6G&Vv&R2@( vVr2BƖP( 6RFG2( FWfR&RЦ&6V&( R62( FW rFRfW&BvWBФGW&R2FRF6W"B0FrVFGB&Fp&7W6斲Ww&GvVW"^( &R&BЦFRG&7F'2B%Eg2FW"W""2&GFW"0גזV"B( FRv^( 7BV#R6V@fRFR'VW'2R6fRFR'VW"'w&W27'W6VBFVF&Vv6FW"@vWGFr'VBR6fRFR'VW"'vWBЧ6W'fVBW2g&W6w&RV6R( 6W&W6ǒwVW76pFr&6RB"WfVvWGFrvƶVBRF( @Bv2V6&WGFW"FFRƗGFR&W2vRfVV@v2fRFBR'VFfR'VЦW"G2W"vFvR6RV'2RvWBF&vG&6Ɨ6WBW"W6&BBFRvW'( `DR$tRUu