The Mark Wine News Spring '17 Volume 7.2 - Page 6

A lex Sokol Blosser, the second son of founders Bill and Susan Sokol Blosser is the fourth winemaker in the winery’s history. His passion for quality and producing world class Pinot Noir is at the heart of the winery and its mission. When I talked with Alex, I have to ad- mit, I was really sur- prised to learn that he had no intention of be- coming a winemaker when he was a kid or even in high school or college. But that had more to do with how he grew up thinking. “I never really thought the winery would be around for us to grow into it,” he says, “my parents were always in the trenches trying to keep it going.” His sister Alison, Sokol Blosser Winery in 1977 CEO of Sokol Blosser, had her own reasons for not wanting to follow in her parent’s footsteps. “I saw the business as too much work and not much fun and was 4 determined to get a “real job” in the “real world” rather than work for the family. Luckily, I quickly figured out that the ”real world” wasn’t all that great and working with my family and caring for our land was by far the best thing in the world for me.” Alex remembers all the hard work too. “I would see my parents just trying to make payroll and explain to people where the heck Oregon was while they tried to build the brand and figure out the right clones, the right sites and the right style of wine for the Willamette Valley terroir and climate.” But there were some sweet mem- ories too. “I remember taking sips from my parents’ wineglasses at an early age,” says Alison, “I was par- ticularly fond of the white varietals with a little sweetness. I could pro- nounce Muller-Thurgau before I started elemen- tary school.” The last couple of years of high school was a bit of turning point for Alex. “We had a gen- tleman from Domain Jacques Germain winery in France come over to work the harvest: Benoit Germain. He loved doing what he did and he told me about his family’s winery in France and he taught me how to taste wine. It was funny be- cause he took a shower in cologne and smoked like a chimney but he loved food and wine. I definite- ly picked up some of that passion.” During his senior year of high school, the Sokol Blosser winemaker at the time, was a little more straightforward with Alex. “He told me I needed to stay and learn winemak- ing because I was going to be winemaker in the future.” But Alex still wasn’t sold. Alex enrolled THE MARK WINE NEWS