The Mark Wine News Spring '17 Volume 7.2 - Page 16

G rowing up in Puyallup, Washington, a small town south of Seattle, doesn’t exactly make you think wine. Puyallup is actually a “bee city.” The city is the second city in Washington to receive the official designation for developing and maintaining the city as a sustainable habitat for pollinators such as native bees and honey bees. So honey yes, wine… not so much. “Wine was not at all part of my upbringing with my dad in construction and my mom a pastry chef,” says Jessica Norris, Director of Beverage at Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group. Norris was a pretty typical kid. Reading, hiking, skiing and singing all fit the day-to-day routine. In 14 fact, she still likes those things. Well, most of them, she has all-but retired from the singing. “I was a trained opera singer,” she says, of the career she coveted since she was a kid. She went to the University of Puget Sound and then took the ultimate leap to the bright lights of the big city. “I moved from Puyallup to New York City for grad school in Opera Performance. I had always wanted to be a singer.” Norris attended the Manhattan School of Music, and like most grad students, Norris had to work to support herself. “I started working in restaurants for the flexible schedule and then fell through the ‘wine trap door’ and I was hooked.” The stage career came to an end, but a new career emerged. “I took my first wine class on November 10, 2008 and have been pursuing wine studies ever since.” A self-proclaimed nerd, “I am actually a huge geek. I really lo ٔѼ)Ց䁅ɸ܁ѡ̳t9ɥ́)ɭѡɹѼ)5ѕȁMȁͅЁѡ5Lᅴ)ȁѡЁѥЁ啅ȸq$͕Ё)ѡȁ䁍tḾɕѱ)ɕɥѼͥЁѡ́)ձ七q)́ɔȁхи$)Ёѥɥ饹ɕ̰Ո)ɕ̰٥ɑ̰я%ԁ)٥Յ锁ɕ́͵ȁ)ȁԁٔѼх)ѡɅ䰁ɽՍȰ٥х)ݥ屔́Ѽt)Qձ9ɥ̰͔́́)́͡Ѽɸݡ܁)M݅́ɕѱɔѕɽ9)eɬѼѡMѡ̤Յѕ́)ɥ͍éIхɅЁɽq$ձ䁕፥ѕѼ)٥Q̸$ٔЁЁɥ̴)屔յȰЁͼȁ́ɕи ɽ9e )ѡɔɔͼ䁅ѥ̄$ٔ݅͡Ȁ)%85dAIQ59P ɅՙtͼȰѡ)ѡ͕́̃͡qѡمЁɅ䁽ѥ̸$)Ёи́ѕ䁡́مɥ䁽Ё$)Օͥѡ䁅ɔЁեє́ѡѥ$)ѥѡ䁑eЁЁٕɕѼȁȰ9)eɬ屔)9ɥ́́ݽɭȁɥ͍éȀ啅̰)Q!5I,]%99]L