The Mark Wine News Spring '17 Volume 7.2 - Page 14

W ine, in and of itself is a trend, right? More people are drinking wine than ever before. But what wine varietals and vessels have that extra swag right now and what wine trends are ramping up? Varietals like Malbec and Pinot Grigio have established them- selves and secured a place in the world of wine. Well, at least for the moment. And screw caps are no lon- ger eschewed. In fact more and more wineries are embracing them. But what’s next? What’s trending now? And what’s expected to get even hotter? These are the wine trends we’re watching. CAN NE D W I N E It makes sense. It’s re- cyclable and the beer industry has been serving up their wares in cans for more years than most of us have been around. Why suddenly are cans okay for wine? Well, there are a few reasons. Once Stelvin and other screw caps became de rigueur, many wine drinkers are putting aside their arrogance about the romance of opening a cork closed bottle and are now embracing screw caps with open arms. Wine on tap has also been 12 welcomed into the wine drinkers vernacular and well, the millennials love new and cool. Wine in cans is new and cool and millennial