The Mark Wine News Winter '18 Volume 8.1 - Page 19

engineer and that was the path he took when he fi rst enrolled at UC Davis. But like many, he veered off his original course when something else caught his fancy. “I sat in on an enology course at Davis my freshman year when I had begun to doubt whether engineering was my true path. Everything about enology struck me as a better fi t for my personality than engineering. I changed majors and never looked back.” After graduating with a degree in Fermentation Sci- ence in 1985, DiGiulio embarked on his winemaking ascent. The winemaking project that put him on the map was when he took charge of the Lokoya brand after the death of his mentor, celebrated winemaker “There’s a reason Alsatian food pairs so well with Alsatian Wine” -Marco DiGiulio Food and wine affi nities fall into this same train of thought. ”My favorite thing in general is whatever food is locally grown and prepared wherever wine is made. There’s a reason Alsatian food pairs so well with Alsatian wine.” When the workday is done, DiGiulio is happy to head home. “I’ve been married to my lovely wife Maria for 22 years,” he says with a smile. “We met on a blind date that neither one of us wanted to go on that was set up by a mutual friend.” Guessing they still chuckle about that and likely feel indebted to that friend. “We have a 20 year old son, Dario, and a cat named Stella.” And home is where you will most often fi nd DiGiulio when he is not overseeing all his wine projects. His idea of a perfect date night is simple. “A nice meal at home, a nice bottle of wine and a good movie.” Works for me. Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine, good food and a movie at home. A great date night indeed. Greg Upton. The high accolades for this project had people talking about DiGiulio and his talent for mak- ing world class Cabernet Sauvignon. Not surprisingly, DiGiulio loves his job. “It’s a toss up between walking the vineyards and making blends,” he told me when I asked what his favorite part of the job is. Barrel tasting is also a regular ritual. “The most interesting part of the job,” he adds, “is the diversi- ty of it. Being exposed to all the diff erent vineyards, people and wine styles. Working with Petite Sirah is always fun, but so are lots of other varieties,” he adds. When it comes to how to cap off his work, well, he has a defi nite penchant. “I prefer technical cork closures that have the look, feel and practicality of cork with all the potential for TCA removed.” DiGiulio also has some defi nitive thoughts on what wine is best when. “What I like to drink depends en- tirely on the circumstances in which I fi nd myself.” B.R. Cohn Tasting Room Clos Pegase Winery WINTER 2018 17