The Malaysian Foldie 19, May/June 2015 - Page 7

There is a port surcharge and baggage handling fees that chalks up about RM30.

Add RM170, the total costs RM200. This excludes the port tax in Indonesia and back in Port Klang. So, total for our sea logistics costs more than RM500 for two people.

I had to work this out with Mohd Radzi and he's pretty willing to fork out the money.

For me, this is a learning experience and my first time traveling to another country with my bike by sea.


After three hours in the cabin, I peeked out the boat's window and noticed that we were approaching the port town of Dumai in Sumatera.

My last visit to this place was 22 years ago.

The boat's captain had allowed us to snap some shots on the starboard deck.

I can see the shoreline, with rows of fuel tanks and ships anchored off Dumai.

I did a stupid mistake by giving RM5 to an elderly man who pointed out my bike to me.

He thanked me and walked into the boat.

I just realized that I had been conned.

So, I grabbed the bike, walked up to the Customs and Immigration booth to get my travel documents stamped.

The bikes had to be scanned by the Indonesian Customs and one of them asked: "Pergi touring ke mana?" (where are you headed to?), I told him that I am headed to Pekanbaru.

OPPOSITE PAGE: Riding on a newly-paved road. TOP LEFT: The rough terrain. TOP RIGHT: Down-time.

BOTTOM PAGE: A milestone.