The Malaysian Foldie 19, May/June 2015 - Page 22

So, how do we end this?

I've been on the road for nearly a week.

My only connection to the outside world was with my mobile internet service.

So far, the SIMpati data package had worked out well. But at a cost, it really drains every Rupiah credited to it.

Breakfast is on the house, so, we had nasi goreng at the hotel's restaurant.

The food was so-so, but what made my day, was the good brewed coffee.

Our plan was to explore Dumai with our bikes.

Riding off to Bagan Keladi

As far as tourism is concerned, there's nothing much to do or see in Dumai.

And beneath the serenity of being a port town, this place has its dark past. Well, certain parts of Dumai is considered as a red-light district, serving port workers and sailors.

So, single guys like us would be sticking out like a sore thumb. We stayed off these paths and maintained our plan to explore the town.

That said, we rode off to Bagan Keladi.

This is a small village at the outskirts of Dumai where we get to sample the simple life among the villagers.

I found our kids in Malaysia literally spoilt.

The children here still play around their yard, some were spotted fishing at a canal.

Mission: Pulau Rupat...

After riding around Bagan Keladi, we set off to the ferry landing site.

There, a group of guys were manning the place.

They told us the ticket to Rupat costs around IDR 100,000.

An elderly man said we could take the "RoRo" service at a port nearby.

He told us to head back towards Bagan Keladi.

Here's the thing about riding in a foreign place: try to take note and remember the landmarks.

If you are doing a solo ride, best to carry a notebook and jot down directions and names of important places.

So, we headed back towards the Dumai Dock Market, and right there at the junction, lies a sugarcane juice seller.

There were people hanging around the area. This is a best place to ask.

While the sugarcane seller was preparing his cool beverage, I went up to an elderly man and asked: "Permisi Pak, Bisa Bertanya?" (Excuse me, may I ask?).

The man responded by acknowledging my query and told me that the RoRo (Roll on, Roll out) ferry terminal is just nearby.

We finished our sugarcane juice and cycled towards the jetty.

TOP LEFT: Checking out the rural lifestyle in Dumai. RIGHT: Roll on, Roll off ferry to Pulau Rupat.

BOTTOM PAGE: A panoramic view of Pulau Rupat