The Malaysian Foldie 19, May/June 2015 - Page 21

We wanted to get some information about the ferry to Pulau Rupat off Dumai.

I asked an elderly man about ferry services, he said it's next to a bridge and the ride would cost us IDR 100,000 each (RM26.70).

That sounded rather ridiculous. We walked down the road and decided to cross the street and found a place to eat.

It was some ayam bakar Mas Mono outlet that just opened for the crowd.

The food was below average and service at this "fast-food" outlet was agonizingly slow.

We continued walking until we reached a supermarket.

Here, I bought some instant noodles.

Mohd Radzi thought that the ones that found in the room were free of charge.

I told him that if any of the beverage and instant cup noodles were consumed, it would be billed to our room.

A room too far...

For a Junior Suite, I'd expect at least a mini bar and a fridge. And a decent sofa.

Being the older dude, I offered the whole King-sized bed to the greenhorn.

It's courtesy.

Later, I got down to the receptionist to ask for another key card.

Then, I went across the street to the Alfa Mart to grab two cans of Bintang Beer and some drinking water.

At the lobby, I asked for some ice cubes.

The restaurant's waiter charged me IDR 20,000 (RM5.34) for a bowl of ice. That's fucking ridiculous. But what the hell, the beer needs chilling.

I sat down in the room, had my beers and got onto what's app to tell my wife that everything was okay.

Then, it was time to hunker down. Sleeping in a small cramped sofa. I had suffer another night, well, so be it!