The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 7

Al Hassan (as) will be a difficult path all quickly worked together to take door. As soon as they opened the We finished the Jummah prayer and to gather the turbahs, and any back- rushing into the apartment. It all that we must stand up for and walk. began praying the Asr prayer, when sometime around the end of the third rakat or beginning of the fourth rakat there was a loud knock, and this was followed by a series of knocks at the door and this lasted for about five minutes. I immediately knew this was not from us and you could feel the down the flags of the Ahlul Bayt (as), drops such as the one of Imam Mahdi (as) and the Ziarat of Imam Hussain (as). It is sad that one must hide his beliefs and that these blessed items for us are actually a danger for us, but this is the reality of being in Egypt, as Egypt is a predominantly Sunni country and they act very harshly energy changing. As soon as we made towards the followers of the Ahlul Tasleem, I got up quickly and went to the door. Bayt (as). door, many plain-clothed men began happened so quickly and within a matter of three minutes, there were over 20 huge plain-clothed men going through the apartment and herding the Ansar in the room. The men were being very hostile and immediately began searching the house and going through the private belongings of the Ansar, taking out the flags of the Ahlul Bayt (as), the back- Abdullah received a call from the land drops, turbahs, all the books of the When I looked through the peep-hole, lord telling him that the men at the Ansar (teachings of all religions and it was covered by a hand and I could door were for the translation company sciences), among other things. While went quickly into the room and where we would translate documents hear the voices of about 4-6 men. I informed a group of brothers of what was happening and mashaAllah, we that we were hoping to establish here, one group was taking pictures of our for customers in many languages, and phone calls regarding them, another the land lord told him to open the 7 belongings, taking notes and making group was making their way through