The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 4

Welcome Message By: Laila Ali Asalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu, I pray you and your loved ones are well and in a Place Most Pleasing to Allah (swt), InshaAllah, Mola Ali Waaris. Welcome to "The Mahdi Times" Issue # 17 November 2012. May Allah (swt) Accept the Work Done by the Ansar Allah on the magazine and Raise their Ranks and Unite us all Under the Righteous Banner of Yamani (a.s), InshaAllah, Mola Ali Waaris. During the Month of Muharram we remember the Sacrifice of Aba Abdillah al Hussain (a.s) and his family, we remind ourselves of the strength of Ahlul Bayt (a.s) and their Devotion to Allah (swt). And we hope that in reminding ourselves of this Great Sacrifice, we will gain strength and learn from this example so that when the time comes, we will step forth firm and ready to Sacrifice all we have for the Religion of Allah (swt), InshaAllah, Mola Ali Waaris. It was during this month in Muharram that the Ansar Allah in Egypt were tested by the Yazidi Egyptian National Security, when expose the Egyptian Government to of the Ansar Allah, without not a Free Country. The Salafis and they illegally came into the home the world for its injustice. Egypt is showing a warrant and began their Wahabbis control Egypt and Yazidi tactics of intimidating and bullying the Ansar Allah. The because of this they harrass and torture the Shia forcing them to Ansar Allah stood as firm as a rock, live in seclusion and not allowing working together and did not back them the basic freedom to practice instead they spoke back, refused to Egyptian Government for down in the face of the tyrants, be bullied and began contacting the relevant Embassies at which point the Yazidi thugs began to get worried. There were 6 Ansar Allah who had Visa Issues as their Visas had expired but they still had a window of 15 days left to Renew the Visas. thier religion freely. Shame on the Oppressing the Followers of Ahlul Bayt (a.s). You can re