The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 31

A Paradise or A Prison?! Think of a Paradise. In Paradise you five times a day (if you are lucky) have all you want - every necessity but are you climbing the ladder of and every luxury. Now think of a prison. The Prophet (s.a.w) said, "This world is a prison for the believer and is a Paradise for the nonbeliever." We read these words. Without pondering on these words we may move on, yes. And what? Not attempt the uphill road? [90.11] "But he would not attempt the uphill road" Or the alternative - let us dedicate a few minutes, myself included, and think about these strange parallel existences. A Paradise and a Prison - in the same space. Is it uncomfortable to think about? Yes. It cannot be questioned that today's rampant materialism has split the world and everyone is trying to Marifat? Maybe you are not living an opulent lifestyle but are you coveting it? Let us look at the Quran and Hadeeth and see what they say about what the world is, what we should take from it, what we should avoid in it, how we are has brought forth for His servants and the good provisions? Say: 'These are for the believers in the life of this world, purely (theirs) on make the communications clear for a people who know." And in this world, Allah gives good for those who do good: supposed to view it with suspicion [16.30] "And it is said to those who Given us before we die, and why your Lord has revealed? They say, yet avail the time Allah (swt) Has we are in the world in the first place. [28.77] "And seek by means of what Allah has given you the future abode, and do not neglect your portion of this world, and do guard (against evil): What is it that Good. For those who do good in this world is good, and certainly the abode of the hereafter is better; an