The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 24

the Day of Recompense.”} {The the role of the Successor of Allah their own sinful and wicked hands Rocky Tract): 31 – 35}. and by this they entered in among the Successors of Allah, so they Holy Qur’an Surat Al-  ijr (The So Iblis, may Allah curse him, denied the Successor of Allah and disbelieved in him and in his role which Allah created [specifically] for him, for the reason that he is the Qiblah and intercessor between the hands of Allah, and for this Iblis, may Allah curse him, became a disbeliever in Allah. on His Earth, and disbelief in him, those who follow Iblis, may Allah curse him. So their call towards Monotheism and renouncing association with Allah are lies and deception, it [their claim and stance] is exactly the claim of Iblis, may Allah curse him, in the acceptance/admission of prostrating to Allah alone, and refusing the prostration to Adam And it has appeared in the history (pbuh), because he is a servant Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Iblis has infected them with his the killing of the Infallible Imams wanted to declare their disbelief and their satisfaction with and support for the tyrants who killed the Imams (a.s) by undertaking [the task of] destroying their (a.s) shrines, in order that they may declare infront of everyone that they are pleased with what their predecessors whom came before them did, the likes of Yazeed Ibn Maysoon whom is attributed to be of Islam, since the time the whom Allah created from mud. So the son of Mu’awiyah Ibn Hind, family) died, people who have disease, and he seduced them with followed Iblis may Allah curse him. his call, so they followed him and became among the transgressors. So the Khawarij who killed Ali (pbuh) their slogan was and they did not intend by And today they are sorry because they were not among those who attacked the house of the daughter whom is attributed to be the son of Abu Sufyan, may Allah curse them all. Al-Hirwi said: “I said to Abu Al-Hassan Al-Ridha (a.s): ‘O son of the Messenger of Allah, what do you say about a narration that was narrated from Al-Sadiq this that the Successor of Allah, the of Muhammad (sawas) Fatima (a.s), (a.s) that he said, ”When the Qa’im and those who fought the Prince of Glorious, the Almighty, to be the emerges he will kill the seeds of the the Believers Ali (a.s) in [the battle one who rules by the killers of Al-Hussein (a.s) for what rulings/judgments of Allah, rather, of] The Camel and Siffin and Altheir fathers did.”’ So he (a.s) said, Nahrawan. And they are sorry they intended exactly what Iblis, ‘Yes this is true.’ because they were not among those may Allah curse him, desired of who put the poison to Al-Hassan ‘What about the saying of Allah, obstruction, and cancellation and disbelief in the role of the Successor of Allah, the Glorious, the Almighty. And those Khawarij (a.s) and threw arrows at his the Almighty, {No one will be funeral and destoryed his shrine in considered responsible for Al-Hijaz. And they are sorry another’s sins} what does this because they were not among those mean?’ curse them and put them to shame, who killed Al-Hussein (a.s) in So he (a.s) said, ‘Allah has said the the followers of Bin Ladin and the Karbalaa’, so they have tried and truth in all of his sayings. But the are still trying to destroy his shrine likes of him from the devilish seeds of the killers of Al-Hussein monstrosities, they approach with and kill whoever visits him. And accept/are pleased with what their the same devilish approach of Iblis, they are sorry because they have fathers did and they are proud of it. not [personally] undertaken with may Allah curse him, of denying today, the Wahabis, may Allah 24