The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 22

women of the World, whom Allah religion of Allah, and the religion everything good is in the sword and is angered with what angers Messengers, and the religion of just as Muhammad the Messenger is pleased with what pleases her, her, just as the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his family) informed [us]. And the seal of the fight (Jihad) of these disbelievers is the destruction of the shrine of Imam Ali Al-Hadi (pbuh), and the shrine of Imam Al-Hassan Al- ‘Askary (pbuh), and the shrine of Narjis (pbuh), the mother of Imam of His Prophets, and His Muhammad (pbuh & his family), and the family of Muhammad (pbuh). And it must be that we kill them and fight them to raise/uphold the Supreme word of Allah, God-Willing. And those [Khawarij] are the enemies of the family of Muhammad (pbuh), and whoever kills an enemy of the Al-Mahdi (pbuh), and the shrine of family of Muhammad between the Hakimah (pbuh), the aunt of Imam hands of the Qa’im (pbuh), then Al-‘Askary (pbuh). So I do not see this fight (Jihad) of theirs except as a fight from the devils, and to establish the state of the devils, may Allah curse them, which Allah has ordered to destroy, God-Willing, and there shall not remain of it anything upon this Earth soon, God-Willing. for him is the reward of twenty martyrs from the martyrs of Badr. And whoever is martyred while he is fighting those disbelieving Khawarij (the Nasibis), the ones who are holding enmity against the family of Muhammad (pbut), is given glad tidings of aboding in Paradise which is as wide as the Heavens and the Earth which is And these Khawarij (the Nasibis), prepared for the God-Fearing, and declared their disbelief publicly by and an intercessor interceding on animosity towards the Household Willing. may Allah curse them, who have he is among the best of the martyrs, their hostility, and holding the day of Resurrection, God- (AhlulBayt) of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh & his family), and that was after they destroyed/demolished the [shrines] of the two Imams, Ali Al-Hadi and Al-Hassan Al-‘Askary (pbut), they have left Islam which preserves the blood, but their blood is in vain, and it must be that we kill them and fight them to support the O People! Verily I am to you a trustworthy counselor (no people have been attacked in the hearts of their houses but they suffered disgrace), so let those disbelieving Khawarij (the Nasibis) find in you harshness and severity. May you prosper and succeed, God-Willing. And know that 22 and under the shadow of the sword of Allah (pbuh & his family) informed [us of]. The Almighty said, {Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ; and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves. You see them bowing and prostrating [in prayer], seeking bounty from Allah and [His] pleasure. Their mark is on their faces from the trace of prostration. That is their description in the Torah. And their description in the Gospel is as a plant which produces its offshoots and strengthens them so they grow firm and stand upon their stalks, delighting the sowers – so that Allah may enrage by them the disbelievers. Allah has promised those who believe and do righteous deeds among them forgiveness and a great reward.} {The Holy Qur’an Surat Al-Fat  (The Victory): 29} And there is no strength nor power save in Allah, the High, the Mighty.