The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 16

the German Television crew's more interesting and to us here a have seen visions of Prophet glad tiding and vision with us, the two and a half months the Bayt (as), confirming this call. arrival, AbdulKareem shared that Alhamdulillah. She had a dream where Fatimah Al Zahra (as) was standing hand in hand with two small children, who in the dream AbdulKareem's sister in-law knew them to be Al Hassan and Al Hussain (as). Fatimah Al Zahra (as) looked at AbdulKareem's sister in-law and said: “Ahmad Al Hassan is the Truth, stay on this path.” miracle, is the simple fact that for mother and sister in-law of AbdulKareem were here, they showed absolutely no interest in the dawah or classes taking place here, however she received this vision on the night of the German Television crew's arrival and shared her dream and testimony for the German Television Crew, which will not only be aired in Germany for millions of German people, but will also be put Allahuma salle ala Muhammad, wa together here by the Ansar and uploaded for all of you as well ala Muhammad, al A'Emma wal Madiyeen, wa salam Tasleeman God-Willing. SubhanaAllah, Allah Katheera. (swt) is the best at timing. That night Fatimah Al Zahra (as) Stories like this are not rare in the testimony that Ahmad Al Hassan (as), but without a doubt they are was such a great sign for the sister here in Egypt are honored and feel too bore the four testimonies and Know that dreams are from the Ahmad Al Hassan (as). Messengers and Vicegerents (as), backed this dawah and bore dawah of Imam Ahmad Al Hassan (as) is the Truth, and this vision the special cases and the Ansar in-law of AbdulKareem, that she blessed to have taken a part of it. accepted the dawah of Imam calls of the Prophets and This vision is a great sign and blessing, but what makes it even and they were emphasized in all the Holy Books. Thousands of believers from all over the world 16 Muhammad (sawas) and his Ahlul Thousands from all over the world have been guided through their dreams, and know that Prophet Muhammad (sawas) said that shaytan cannot take the image of him (sawas) and his family (as), or any of the Prophets and Messengers (as). Why do the non-working scholars not take dreams seriously, when Prophet Muhammad (sawas) and the Prophets (as) before him took them seriously? As Imam (as) said, should they wait until an angel comes down and beats them over the head and tells them that Ahmad Al Hassan (as) is the Truth. All Praises be to Allah before and after everything, with and in everything, we are truly not deserving of this. Allahuma Salle ala Muhammad, wa ala Muhammad, al A'Emma wal Madiyeen, wa salam Tasle