The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 15

A Vision. A Testimony. A Sign for all to See. By: Joseph McGowen In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, Most Merciful and all praises due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. O' Allah send Your Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the Imams and Mahdis. seemed very nice from the little “Wash the mud off your eyes and About two and a half months ago, God and know that God talks to Ansary brother AbdulKareem came and the sisters all spoke warmly ears, so that you see God, and hear you even with a simple rock. Don’t rely on ignorant's who call themselves acquainted, so they fill your eyes and ears with mud, and pull you into this materialist, transitional world, and into its ornaments. Don’t rely on them, because they can’t see their own hands, and this transitional world is their amount of knowledge. Don’t rely on them, and they don’t trust in visions, and they are the route to the kingdom of heaven. Look into the kingdom of heaven, and listen to the kingdom of heaven, and believe in the kingdom of heaven, because it’s the truth that prophets and executers believed in, and it’s what the deviated religious didn’t believe in, those who fought prophets and executers at all times......” - Imam Ahmad Al Hassan (as) excerpt from “Letter of Guidance” Assalamau Alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatu brothers and sisters. the mother and sister in-law of time they were around the Ansar, to visit us here in Egypt. We about them, mashaAllah. Although with you, may it be a sign for all months, from what we could see, wanted to share this short story those who see, a great blessing and confirmation to all those who have had doubts about this blessed call, as this was a great sign and confirmation for us here. they were here for two and a half they were not opened to learning more about our beliefs, nor were they interested in attending any of the lectures or events put on by the Ansar here in Egypt. During the stay, brother They began making preparations to dawah to his in-laws, and of where many things began picking AbdulKareem spoke about the course they were aware that many brothers and sisters from all around the world have gathered here under a common belief. However, the community did not have many chances of meeting the mother and sister in-law of AbdulKareem, as they stayed to fly back to Trinidad, in a time up here in Egypt. Many of them you will hear about soon InshaAllah, but one in particular and a great sign in this blessing, was that a German Television crew had contacted the Ansar and said they wanted to do a story on German Ansariya Lisa Wiese and themselves in the apartment, and it the Ansar community here in is important to note that they come Egypt. This was a great blessing, from a strong Sunni background in and all praises due to Allah (swt). Trinidad. The only two times I saw AbdulKareem's mother and sister in-law was on the two Eid's where the Ansar gathered together. They 15 The very night before the German channel arrived, AbdulKareem's sister in-law had a dream, and the next day while we were all gathered together preparing for