The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 13

government) wanted to do something you, on top of these ridiculous lies that nothing less than heroes and a ransom gathered together that day and they are in danger, that is just the reality of to us, they had all of the brothers knew we would be gathered that day, are being said about us, of course you the matter. for Imam (as), and because of this day, the 2nd of Muharram 1434 in Egypt, then, but they did not, Alhamdulillah. the proof and word of Ahmad Al But we trust Allah (swt) and the words Hassan (as) was put upon millions of we received from the Imam (as) are a people, and it will continue to be the were very concerned once they letter just sent to the Ansar after this and could have done something to us In fact we later found out, that they learned how many nationalities there were here, and they were more frightened about all of this than we were. comfort to us, where in a personal event, the Imam (as) said in a few excerpts in the letter: “And my will to the Ansar in Egypt, the believing men and women, the brave youth may case InshaAllah. This is all a true blessing and opening from Allah (swt), and as for the lies Allah knows them, and as for the plots Allah knows them, and He (swt) is the best of plotters. And all praises due to Allah (swt), sure on the front lines here in Egypt, Allah safeguard them…..god willing if before and after everything, with and they have a pure intention and work in everything. Iraq where the Ansar were being Lord shall trade their sins into good At the same time though, we are for and it reminds us of the old days in oppressed. We are being as responsible as we can, because yes the address is known all over now, and our pictures are out there for all to see, and anytime you are a follower of the Ahlul Bayt (as) in Egypt, and that much information is known about for the face of Allah, the Generous deeds and change your bad condition with His good condition and you shall see much good and preference from Allah and blessings, And peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.” Ahmed Al Hassan The brothers who were sent home are Allahuma salle ala Muhammad, wa ala Muhammad, al A'Emma, wal Mahdiyeen, wa salam Tasleeman katheera. Joseph D. McGowen Ansar Allah in Egypt “A very heavy surprise! Israeli Passports present with the Shi’a Organization in Dokki. Muslim Coalition for defending the Companions and family.” 13