The Mahdi Times November 2012 - Page 11

place and were making du'a for us the building we stay in and much what was happening. began spreading. One after another, and keeping up with updates from That next morning we realized the brothers were not going to be able to renew their visas and they were being deported back to their countries, and this was something tragic for the Ansar, but something we had to push more, the lies and fear propaganda the internet articles, social posts, newspapers and even a television show, it all began building one on top of another, but Allah (swt) is the best of planners. aside and work as hard as we could to First of all, all praises are due to Allah their tickets purchased quickly, or safe and SubhanaAllah, the ignorance make sure that we were able to get they would have been put in Egyptian jail. Alhamdulillah, that the brothers who were detained together had enough money to share between each (swt) that the brothers and sisters are of those who are spreading these lies are so ridiculous that one can see them from far away, and the simple fact that many of us are still here in other to purchase their tickets, and the the building, including the ones whose Ansar here were running around to pictures are up for being arrested, and and to gather their clothing and going about our normal lives, should find that money in their apartments, belongings, along with the brother of one who was detained, which is severely autistic. We just didn't have time to think that 6 of our brothers were being deported, what a tragedy for us it was, and from time to time that feeling would hit us, but then we would have to swallow it and begin working for them again. It was not more than four or five hours after the men had left that the first articles began being released about the incident. SubhanaAllah the lies of the people and Allah knows the fact that we are still in the streets be enough for someone with common sense to see. Also the the fact that each story tells different stories, the number of those arrested changes, the nationalities, the reasons, and even one of them has U