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Creative photography greatly impacts sales of legendary show, Swan Lake

Eric Levin, previously host of WPO’s YouTube show "The Eric Levin Show", is creating waves with his stunning photography for Boston Ballet’s production of Swan Lake. Working together with the Ballet’s Artistic Director, Mikko Nissinen, and in collaboration with Boston Ballet’s design team, Eric Levin and his team at Elevin Studios have created striking and impactful imagery to accompany the marketing campaign of the legendary show.

Jennifer Weissman, CMO of Boston Ballet said: “Swan Lake was a record-breaking show for Boston Ballet, with the most tickets sold and highest revenue by a factor of two (outside of The Nutcracker).” “Once the ad campaign was live, there was a measurable spike in sales, and 10 of the 16 shows sold out.”

We asked Eric a few questions about his approach:

Swan Lake is obviously a world renowned production. What was it like to get the call from Boston Ballet to produce the photography for the show? Were you nervous?

I love the feeling when a new client calls, especially one with a great concept. The marketing folks said they've known about my work for some time and have been waiting for just the right project. They seemed really excited to be working with me which was the biggest compliment.

I wasn't really nervous to get the call or to meet with them. The most nerve racking thing was coming up with a concept and final product that would be impressive. It's hard enough to sync artistic visions of multiple people, let alone execute on that vision when the idea hasn't been tested yet. They had a notion of what they were looking for: dramatic lighting and fog, maybe a reflective surface of some sort. We came up with a handful of concepts and ended up executing 2 of them. Testing the concepts with limited time on the day of the shoot was the most stressful part.