The Magazine of Phi Gamma Nu - Page 24

outstanding directors OUR NATIONAL DIRECTORS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY HELP PGN GET THINGS DONE. THEY FIND A PASSION, PICK A PROJECT AND SHARE WHAT TIME THEY CAN WITH PGN. RYAN STERN, PAST VP OF CHAPTER PRESIDENTS AND CURRENT DIRECTOR OF MARKETING WHERE ARE YOU TODAY? I’m work at SpotHero, an on-demand discounted parking startup in Chicago. I am incredibly excited about working here because I will have unparalleled responsibility within such a small company. It is growing so fast that everyday there is something new, exciting but most importantly, challenging. I decided not to work for a large, established company out of college because, tapping into the PGN entrepreneurial roots, I felt I had more to offer a small company and wanted to make a large impact early on. This venture will allow me to do that. WHY DID YOU JOIN THE NATIONAL COUNCIL? I joined the National Council because I saw an incredible opportunity within the VP of Chapter Presidents role. I was able to bridge the gap between the chapters and their leaders with the older, experienced board members. I wanted to continue the amazing legacy that past leaders of the Beta Pi laid before me and put my stamp on our Fraternity on a national level.. Having the chance to initiate chapters and work closely with presidents through best practices, problems and challenges, was the most rewarding experience for me. I loved my own chapter, and I was incredibly happy and humbled to work with other chapter leaders who felt the same way about their own. YOU DID SO MUCH FOR PHI GAMMA NU, WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? Almost like a proud parent or older brother, I was so proud to watch some of the young chapters grow and take challenges head on. This was not an easy task and I was astonished at how committed to this Fraternity they really were. I was able to help them out in different ways, mostly pulling from my experience as president and the experience of those who ran the Beta Pi chapter before me. I am also proud of the strides that the council had made over my 12 months as a council member. Our tasks were not simple ones, and we took them head on and laid the groundwork for success to come. We have individuals on the board who are committed to seeing Phi Gamma Nu become the premier National Business Fraternity as it once was and I am proud to have worked with them. WILLIAM SMOLEN, PAST DIRECTOR OF INTEGRATED MARKETING Billy Smolen first joined Phi Gamma Nu’s as the Director of Integrated Marketing in 2014 when he was still a student at the University of Illinois. Soon, he’ll be graduating and accepting a full-time offer at Microsoft. During this time, he’s held leadership positions at his local chapter, and at the national level he’s instituted a nationwide website and social media guidelines, processes and toolkit to standardize branding across our chapters. JANET LEE, CURRENT DIRECTOR OF TAX The Phi Gamma Nu Scholars Foundation, our newly established 501 (c)3, would not be possible without Janet. Together with Matt, she forged into unknown territory and navigated the complex waters of the IRS to get the paperwork and approval for our Foundation. THE ENTIRE EXPANSION TEAM Phi Gamma Nu’s expansion team is nothing short of incredible. Yes, we’ve already featured them in this magazine, but they totally deserve it. No one works harder than they do to teach the future Phi Gamma Nu leaders how to do everything from hold chapter meetings, build by laws, to navigate their first rush season. To see more directors visit: