The Magazine of Phi Gamma Nu - Page 20

The newly initiated Delta chapter at the University of Iowa and new leaders Securing Phi Gamma Nu’s future is the National Council’s top priority. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Expansion team, led by Eric Parker, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our students, Phi Gamma Nu is continuously growing. This Fall 2015 we welcomed two new chapters at The University of Pittsburgh and the University of Iowa. Both chapters conducted their first rush this and are well on their way to establishing themselves at their respective universities. ERIC memory. The Ski Trip The expansion team (pictured right) works one-on-one with students to start new Phi Gamma Nu chapters all over the country. Students are guided through the process of starting a chapter - from the history of Phi Gamma Nu to how to conduct chapter meetings. Together they navigate the often difficult bureaucratic process of starting a new chapter and prepare for their first rush. The expansion team doesn’t stop there. They are also developing a pro-active chapter development strategy to further Phi Gamma Nu’s expansion efforts. Because of them, Phi Gamma Nu has welcomed many stronger-than-ever new chapters and will continue to go on for many years to come. icons designed by ad KELSEY ding myself rroun I love su ed and nt with tale uals d individ e t a iv t r o m ys up fo a lw a e r who a re! adventu TRISHA PGN allowed me to be a part of something bigger than myself, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.