The Magazine of Phi Gamma Nu - Page 2

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A PHI GAMMA NU LEADER? As we head towards our ninety-second birthday this February, I want to stop and reflect on what it really means to be a Phi Gamma Nu leader. Phi Gamma Nu has a storied legacy defined by leaders of all shapes and sizes, it’s hard to create a definition that 2014 - 2015 a year in review encompasses everyone in the PGN family. At this point we’ve gone well beyond loyalty, courage and love (friendship), the symbolism behind the letters Phi, Gamma and Nu. Phi Gamma Nu leaders enrich the lives of others, their industry and their communities by harnessing their passions, honing their skills and taking chances. In the process of pulling together this annual report we found numerous examples of alumni and current members who are making their mark and changing their own corner of the world. They are leaders HOSTED 450+ EVENTS PER SEMESTER who are challenging us to think differently, to forge our own paths, and to take risks. The worldwide network of Phi Gamma Nu has no shortage of people who are embracing their own entrepreneurial spirit and creating something new. We hope their stories encourage you to do the same. On average, each chapter hosts 37 professional, philanthropy and social events each semester. This year chapters were most proud of: hosting campuswide job fairs, showing off their talent at talent shows, organizing presentations and visits to major corporations, and throwing some of the biggest philanthropy events on campus. In 2015, the Penn State Delta Theta chapter raised $89,000 for THON a 46-hour dance marathon that raises money for children with pediatric cancer - placing third for all general organizations. The U of Illinois Beta Pi chapter raised $22,707 for the Pam Stern Legacy of Hope Foundation which support special education initiatives and lung cancer. GREW MEMBERSHIP 171% BETWEEN SPRING 2014 - SPRING 2015 RAISED $112 K FOR PHILANTHROPIC CAUSES At the end of our fiscal year, July 2015, Phi Gamma Nu had grown by over 390 new members, in part due to the addition of University of Michigan, Illinois State and Indiana University. By the spring of 2016 we will have added University of Pittsburgh, University of Iowa chapters and Blackburn College.