The Magazine of Phi Gamma Nu - Page 16

LEADING history MARGARET HORN HAS BUILT A LIFETIME OF LEGACIES. Every year on February 17, the Phi Gamma Nu members celebrate our founders. The Fraternity has 91 years of history, but rarely do we have the opportunity to learn more about those who paved the road for us so many years ago. A few months ago, Phi Gamma Nu received a phone call from Margaret Horn, a Phi Gamma Nu alumna from our Delta chapter at the University of Iowa. Margaret, now 92, lives in Sun Lakes Arizona where she plays a lot of bridge. She used to enjoy playing golf and is a very adept at using her iPad, which she used to send Phi Gamma Nu these photographic gems. Back in 1943, near the end of World War II, Margaret joined Phi Gamma Nu, where she served as chapter President for one year. With many men off fighting the war, the chapter was mostly female. She graduated in April, 1945 with a B.S. degree in Commerce the same week President Franklin D. Roosevelt died. Margaret Horn, 1945 After graduating, Margaret was recruited by Goodyear to be part of a trainee class in Akron, Ohio. A few months later WWII ended and she left to get married. Afterwards she held various positions as the secretary of the President of Simpon College, then for the Ventura County District Attorney. She also worked at the Des Moines Public library and at the Iowa Savings and Loan League in De Moines. During this time, Margaret raised two children, both of whom went on to graduate with a degree in Business from the University of Iowa. Margret’s contributions didn’t stop there. A quick Google search showed that in 1949,