The Magazine of Phi Gamma Nu - Page 14

Photo Credit: BFA HOW HAS PGN IMPACTED YOUR CAREER? PGN offers exposure to industries and different platforms that are not always available for university students. With the strong network of people to support and expand on these opportunities, every encounter with members always left me inspired to pursue more, reach further. I remember feeling that the task of choosing a major or career path was so daunting, and the energetic warmth of PGN’s members and leaders is contagious. It allowed me to see that anything is possible. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PGN MEMORY? That middle of the night surprise and blindfold... WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO A CURRENT PGN STUDENT TODAY? Your thoughts become real, so write them down, no matter how crazy or wild you think they sound. And you are creative. Everything you do is creative even if analytical and business oriented, so let your creativity flow. Your options are limitless. Photo Credit (right): Natalie Joos