The Magazine of Phi Gamma Nu - Page 12

LEADING inspiration LIZA VOLOSHIN WANTS TO INSPIRE YOU TO EMBRACE YOUR INNER CREATIVE. Meet Liza Voloshin, a University of Illinois alumna and modern day Renaissance woman. She studied Economics and Finance, but traded in her corporate career for a much more colorful one. These days she travels the world as @globaliza and lists her hobbies as: Jazz in Harlem, New Orleans and Tokyo. I am a visual artist and branding specialist. I live in New York City and work on visual and branding projects with both brands and other artists. From photography to painting, installations, events or global marketing, I strive to create experiences that make people feel love, a connection to the earth and a little sexiness. I co-founded Chez Conversations, an all female arts collective, with four goddesses: Kate Greer, a painter, Cleo Wade, a poet and artist, Margot, a violinist, singer and composer, and Mia Moretti, a curator and DJ. We work together to create experiences through audio, visual and tactile art installations and projects. Most recently, we curated the exhibit opening for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC for “Elaine de Kooning: Portraits”. We were so inspired by Elaine and her work, an important and beautiful contribution to Abstract Expressionism and portraiture. Mia and I created the audio-visual installation in the Gallery’s astounding courtyard that brought to life Elaine’s surroundings - her New York City home with poetry and literary magazines, a 50s era Harlem jazz club, and her Eighth Street Club - an arts collective she founded with the Abstract Expressionists (and the only woman!) Mia and Margot performed with a live jazz band as we celebrated the achievement of an extraordinary woman. We have also created installations and experiences in New York, New Orleans, and Paris, inspired to promote and support a creativity. HOW DID CHEZ CONVERSATIONS GET STARTED? We constantly collaborate and work on projects together - from writing group poetry over wine in a jazz club to supporting each other’s professional endeavors creatively - so we created the collective to offer a platform for our collaborative projects. Our collaborative art is a conversation between us and those around us, hence the name. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW? I just finished an eight page editorial feature for the talented Paula Goldstein and her gorgeous new magazine Voyage d’Etudes that will be launching in print this Fall. Currently, I am editing the music video I shot and directed for Margot’s new single and debut album, while also working on my book of stories and portraits called “Bedtime Stories”. The next big project for the collective will be an installation in Big Sur, as well as the debut of our responsibly sourced recycled leather writing and drawing journals. It is so important for us to always do and create our work in the most eco-friendly way possible so that we are always supporting our earth. Photo Credit: Mallane Stanbury