The Magazine of Phi Gamma Nu - Page 10

LEADING innovation ALEX KWON WANTS YOU TO SEE THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY ONE MINUTE AT A TIME. MTV may have named Generation Z “The Founders”, but PGN-ers have been breaking new ground for a long time. We caught up with Alex Young Kwon, an entrepreneur and class of 2010 alumnus from Cornell University. HOW DID YOU GET INTO ENTREPRENUERSHIP? I’ve always loved building products, so after college, I started a couple businesses ranging from toilet products to android games out of my parent’s garage. I joined Samsung Mobile a year later, and started a social network for smartphone artists, called Pen.Up. It now has over 15M downloads. Even with a full-time job, however, I have always had “side-projects” that I eventually wanted to grow. Last year, I decided to quit my job and flew out to San Francisco to tinker with a couple product concepts. oneminute was one of the three products I launched since I moved out here. Alex Kwong Class of 2010 Cornell University Through a series of fortunate events, we have been invited by Apple to present oneminute, and also received $100K credit in server bills from Google. Some of the early press coverage helped us kickstart the growth. Icon by: WHAT IS ONEMINUTE? The oneminute app instantly visualizes what’s happening around the world, and nearby. We send a simultaneous notification to all our users around the globe, and everyone only gets 1 minute to anonymously share their world as-is. Within 1 minute, the feed turns into an instant stream of authentic moments around the world. HOW DID IT GET STARTED? While at work, I was staring out the window, wondering what could be happening around the world at that very moment. I thought, ‘what if I can see the world through other people’s eyes? It’s possible now if I can get everyone to share what the