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Robert Pope's

Drawing correcting Descartes

'I think therefore I am'

to depict the concept


In 1989 the Hollywood Thalian Mental Health Organization

launched the Science-Art Centre's book 'Two Bobs Worth' to the City of Los Angeles in order to present its Creative Physics’ theories to the American public. On page 110 Robert Pope corrected Rene Descartes'

famous mechanistic concept diagram depicting his statement 'I think therefore I am' as being medically unbalanced, lacking human female emotion. In 1994 the Neurologist Antonio Damasio in his book 'Descartes' Error' also wrote about this medical unbalance

as being psychopathic in nature. The Nobel Laureate in Medicine, David Hubel advocated that Damasio’s ‘Descartes’ Error’ be given the status of a classical peer reviewed medical treatise for explaining

that Descartes as “having persuaded biologists to adopt, to this day, clockwork mechanics as a model for life processes”