The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 96

Modern science has forgotten that Pasteur’s living geometrical dots were electromagnetic in nature as proclaimed by the philosopher Plato from his research into the properties of magnetic lodestone. Kant classified aesthetics, a set of principles concerned with the nature

and appreciation of beauty, as being electromagnetically unethical and Plato’s asymmetrical ‘Thought Form’ artistic wisdom he classified as being ethical. It is important that from Szent-Györgyi’s perspective the term artistically unethical is associated with a carcinogenic mental

disorder inherited from our Neolithic ancestors as was referred to in my paper ‘The Battle for Human Survival Technology’ (Pope. R.- 2018).

The reason why Plato’s ‘Thought Form’ asymmetrical electromagnetic reality can be considered to be an integral part of the workings of a holographic universe is because it is considered to be a crucial aspect of ‘First Principle’ reality dynamics. This is in stark contrast to Einstein’s carcinogenic symmetry demanding the extinction of all life in the universe in obedience to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The instant that an electromagnetic

geometrical Platonic ‘Thought Form’ comes into existence it is compelled electromagnetically to participate in the dynamics associated with ‘First Principle’ evolutionary development. The ancient Greek ethical artistic mathematics was associated with the ethical evolution of the universal living process as compared with Einstein’s carcinogenic extinction prophecy.