The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 94

It was most clearly outlined in my paper (with relevant references) that crucial visual evidence associated with the evolution of human stereoscopic vision has been discovered.

While a critical appraisal of the contents of that paper is definitely warranted, the attack upon my creating the Science-Art Research Centre, the first research institute in the world to measure the existence of the life-force can surely be considered to be immoral. I will summarize how the ethical asymmetrical mathematics of Plato was used to diagnose the disease that is causing the current use of tribal science to create modern day global chaos Furthermore, the inability of those eminent scientists to understand the nature of the ‘Antidote’ with respect to the prevailing cancerous disease is preventing compliance with the

1978 UNESCO racial proclamation, a matter of crucial global importance.

The paper is about an ethical Platonic modification to the living blueprint simulations obtained by my Science-Art Research Centre in Australia during the 1980s. Its computer

research methodology is now poised to obtain crucial asymmetrical ‘First Cause’ human survival information. A paragraph contained in that paper and copied below is about the progress of physics rather than its dead end, as predicted in the above mentioned journals Nature and Scientific American.