The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 92

In 1978 UNESCO proclaimed that all humans belonged to a single species. This means that tribal science, compelled to evolve though the development of weaponry, from the

perspective of a species harming itself, is suffering from a carcinogenic neurological problem. This situation was clearly intimated by Szent-Györgyi. From a Kantian perspective this disease is directly associated with linking science with unethical symmetrical aesthetics without any moderating influence from evolving ethical asymmetrical electromagnetic artistic creative wisdom. This emotional disease cannot be resolved through dialogue between

spokespersons representing Szent-Györgyi’s diagnoses of tribal science as existing in “a state of high [tribal] schizophrenia” (Szent-Györgyi A. 1970). However, as ‘tribal science’ and the human species survival science are both aspects of human evolution they can be entangled within a computer program in order to derive human blueprint simulations. The antidote information controlling this programming would embrace asymmetrical ‘First Cause’ medical principles responsible for the future dynamics of a holographic universe.

In my paper, attacked by the scientific consortium, I provided Nobel Laureate medical opinion supporting the research of the neurologist António Damásio. In his book ‘Descartes'- Error’ he demonstrates that prevailing medical science is being influenced by the psychopathic doctrine of Descartes for “having persuaded biologists to adopt, to this day, clockwork mechanics as a model for life processes”